A solution designed especially for Logistics

Our software Controla+®, Coordina+® and our Hub for industrial fleet in a single solution

entrega planificada segura y asegurada


The Software for the scheduled deliveries management
solución para la acreditación de entregas en el mundo de la logística
Logistics costs reduced and service guaranteed

Controla+® is an accreditation of planned deliveries software with which you’ll have, at one point, all the information you need.

We know you have the urgent need to justify and ensure the realization of the transport and delivery of the goods at destination and time.

With Controla+ ® we help you achieve the following objectives :

  • Reduces logistics costs (Penalty for breach of time window.)
  • Ensures de deadlines of loading, unloading, standby and delivery. 
  • QA, ensuring compliance with operating rules and restrictions set by your customers.
  • Immediate recovery of delivery notes, expediting, promoting and reducing billing periods.

Controla+®, is an indispensable tool for logistics companies



More than an online Software for the Coordination of Business Activities management

CBA controlled and secured in Logistics

Coordina+® is an customizable software that adapts to the needs of any organization, whether you need a standard solution as if it needs is a tailored solution. We help you to define the specific needs of your company, designing a platform for the Coordination of Business Activities that provides a customized technological solution.

  • Improves productivity, discharges unproductive tasks and improves the process.
  • Time management optimization allows us to know and anticipate corrective actions real-time real-place.
  • Reliability, automates processes, warns, validates and prevent future incidents automatically.
  • Accessibility, online access to all documentation of their contracts, customers, vehicles, etc … avoiding the loss and analog files..
  • Preventive security and awareness, reduce to zero the risk of root, automatically handles all necessary for compliance with the standards established by the Law on the CBA documentation.
solución de gestión documental específica para la logística