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Fleet management software and outsourcing


We offer 360 service on fleet management for customers who bet on the benefits of outsourcing any transaction related to its vehicle fleet.

If you have fleet of vehicles and you need a complete management, we anticipate to your needs by offering a comprehensive service that will make you despreocupes day to day state of your fleet.

We manage:





We design a plan to suit you studying your specific needs, from a management point to total outsourcing, hiring only what you need.

Absolute control of what we do

Adding Plus has advanced online technology solutions to control and manage your fleet processes. CheckPlus Fleet is a mobility technology developed by Adding Plus, 100% adaptable to your needs, specifically designed to manage your fleet quickly and efficiently.

You will have access to real-time information; you’ll have the data in real time will help you be proactive in decision-making, and access to the various partners who need be generated. The goal is clear: reduce costs, optimize time in case of incidents and take corrective action. Our professional team will care and ensure your fleet as their own.

Your KPI’s are our KPI’s

Experience tells us that there are some common variables in fleet management, but each company has its own needs, customization and service makes us 100% loyalty from our customers.

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We offer an overview of the management of your fleet, with the following common objectives:

  • Cost reduction and resource optimization: Control of KPI’s, reducing costs and optimizing existing resources.
  • Improved efficiency, profitability and productivity through optimal maintenance.
  • Response time: 24h We are operating at all times, we solve any situation in the shortest possible time.
  • Incidences: we analyze, prepare and implement corrective actions.


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